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Last 15 TIPS Records
Date Match Odds Tips Score Result
18/09/21 Elversberg vs Mainz 05 II 0 : 1 - - Pending
17/09/21 Al-Taawoun vs Al-Raed +1/4 Al-Raed 3-5
16/09/21 Real Betis vs Celtic -1 Real Betis 4-3 DRAW
15/09/21 Atletico Nacional vs Santa Fe +3/4 Santa Fe 1-0 Lose
15/09/21 Blooming vs Bolivar +1 Blooming 2-2
13/09/21 Sevan vs BKMA -1 1/4 Sevan 2-0
12/09/21 Cosenza vs L.R. Vicenza Virtus +1/4 Cosenza 2-1
11/09/21 Taefteaa IK vs Notvikens IK -1 Taefteaa IK 1-0 DRAW
10/09/21 Bayern Munich II vs Viktoria Aschaffenburg +2 Viktoria Aschaffenburg 2-2
09/09/21 TuS Schwachhausen vs Werder Bremen III +2 Werder Bremen III 5-4
08/09/21 Iceland vs Germany -2 Germany 0-4
07/09/21 Syria vs UAE +1/4 Syria 1-1
06/09/21 Ivory Coast vs Cameroon +1/4 Cameroon 2-1 Lose
05/09/21 Togo vs Namibia +1/4 Namibia 0-1
04/09/21 Serbia vs Luxembourg -1 3/4 Serbia 4-1

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*After match ended odds will base on tips.

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